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Miniature Lighting Products for Miniatures Projects

Innovative and authentic lighting to help you gain the finest

authenticity and dependability for your special projects.


     Fantastic LED light source

6 brilliant lights for use anywhere

in the doll house or room box. Comes

with a 2 wire connector for hook up

to any 3 to 4.5 volt power source.

$20 each

LED strip w/Battery Box

Same as above but with pre-wired battery holder for 3 AA batteries. Case has convenient on/off switch.

LED strip is 4 inches long

Case is 2 3/4 x 1 7/8 x 3/4


(Batteries not included)


   Pre-wired window encasement for a clean, easy to install outside scenic

  on your room box.  2 AAA batteries will run the 6 LED's almost forever.

  Comes with a standard woody view or glue in your own. Installs with just

  2 screws .(Batteries not included)



  Assembled window with casement

  Casements available finished or


            (inquire for pricing)


The Shaker Works West Electrical Control Panel for Miniatures Projects 

                                            Front View

The Shaker Works West Electrical Control Panel for Miniatures Projects

                                                Rear View


The Shaker Works West Electrical Control Panel for Miniatures Projects

A totally new concept in miniature lighting. A completely self-contained wiring solution for doll houses and exhibits requiring variations in current output for sconces, fireplaces, etc.  Two simple buttons allow varied interval flicker rates and brightness settings at an easy touch, allowing each bulb to flicker at a different rate via pre-programmed chips. This allows very life-like display simply not possible with other driver systems. It even works with existing tape systems.

2 7/8" x 1 3/4" x 3/4"


Each unit cones pre-wired with on/off switch, 12volt DC power supply and soldered wire leads. All bulb leads are color coded for foolproof installation. Custom length leads are available at no extra cost.

2 - BULB SYSTEM...........$49.00           ORDER

4 - BULB SYSTEM...........$69.00           ORDER

8 - BULB SYSTEM...........$85.00    




Dealer inquires considered

Made entirely in the USA


Miniature Shaker Wall Sconce Candle Lights

Miniature Shaker Wall Sconce Candle Lights

Miniature Shaker Wall Sconce

 The elegant and multi

  useful miniature Shaker wall

  sconce is now available with standard 12 volt flicker bulbs and a hand blown glass chimney.

As shown

$45 each

$35 w/o bulb

   Sconces come pre-wired and ready to plug into our flicker boards or any other commercial driver board.

   Bulbs are rated at 10,000 hours


Miniature Fireplace

Miniature Fireplace

  Miniature Fireplace with bread oven


  Miniature Fireplace w/o bread oven


  Miniature Fireplace Andiron set w/logs


  Fireplace Andiron set w/Electrified log set




Miniature Fireplace 2 light electrified log set and flicker board

Available only with battery electronics completely self-contained

accessed from the rear of the unit. Finished in black iron.

(As shown )


Miniature Shop Lights

Miniature Shop Lights

Miniature Shop Lights

The neatest shop/garage/basement light fixture available. Come complete with 10,000 hour rated bulbs and wiring for standard 12 volt DC current. 3" long x 7/8" wide

$49.00 each




Miniature Candle Bulbs

Miniature Candle Bulbs

   For flicker units above or any 12 volt DC fixed

wiring   system. These bulbs are imported from

England and   rated at 10,000 hours and assembled

in my studio to insure quality.Volume inquiries welcome.

   Single bulb pack $3.50

   (Although your order will show a $9.00 SH&I charge you will only be charged $1.50 for SH & I on bulbs.)