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This piece has no history that I know of but it's a great feature item with many uses. I found it in an antique shop and just had to make it.Great addition in a workshop, kitchen, garage or basement. Made in a pine finish with light wear and fully shoulder dovetailed drawer construction. Or, just place it on a shelf and just look at it!


3-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/2"








A classic and delightful treasure


A working Music Box with your choice of several tunes. Click here for full details







The Mid 1800's jeweler or clock makers shop pieces

These two pieces come from an actual clock makers shop in France, circa 1850. The pedal lathe works the nonfunctional lathe and tons of little parts can be stored in the many drawers. The lathe tools are included in the swing doors of the cabinet. All drawers work, of course, and are fully shoulder jointed for maximum strength. It is completely authentic right down to the olde seeded glass in the cabinet. Would also be great

in a doctor or dentists office. Custom variations are also available.


Two pieces as shown  $900


Click here for the dedicated page with full details and ordering information









The All Purpose Industrial Sheik Chop Block


Great eclectic addition to any smart room for totting stuff around or featuring that very expensive treasure that needs someplace special to really shine. Available with solid slate top as shown or with a worn and wonderful butcher block top.

2-7/8" wide x 2-1/8" deep x 3" high







The 1740 French Jewelers/Watchmakers lathe

This beauty was used for 200+ years turning out amazing jewelry and watches for the aristocracy and royalty of renaissance Europe. The original is now in the Wichterheer Museum of Timepieces and Mechanical Musica in Switzerland. This reproduction features moving parts but like the original is best seen rather than played with. Great in a period shop, room box or just as a curio on a shelf.. Permanently secured on a rich Walnut base. Signed and edited, of course.


Extremely limited production.E-mail for availability.


Overall size is 2-1/2" long x 2" high








The Back Country Moonshine Still

This fun little accessory unit won't actually turn out gallons of your favorite hooch, it just looks like it should. Available with or without the stone base as shown.


Base size is 3" x 7"

Unit with base $275



Still without base $245






The Barn Board Shed


 This fun little beauty is just whatever your imagination needs it to be. In this photo it guards the still from the roving eyes of the revenuer. Yours might be a tool shed or kids playhouse or junk collection point. Maybe even a hunting lodge or homeless shelter. Sitting on a hand finished stone platform the floor is available in brick as shown or wide weathered wood planking. Windows are unglazed but it comes with precut plexi panels if desired. The barn board is a Shaker Works West exclusive with deep gaining and amazingly realistic finish. The roof is simulated corrugated tin rusted just enough to keep the rain out. Rusted white room heater is included.


11-1/2" long x 7-1/2" deep x 9" high



With hand finished brick floor



With wide wood plank floor








Just a fun piece for the attic, basement or playroom, this classic horse-cycle is still a favorite among the tricycle collectors around the world. This miniature version is made from a series of collectable antiques in the real world and made to exact 1/12 scale dimensions.  Aged to perfection. Wheels turn, pedals rotate but it is not a toy just looks like it!


Very limited signed and numbered edition.

(Doll by Fern Vasi not included but available at extra cost)








  The Unique Victorian High Tank Toilet




Alternate uses






Just one example of the kinds of fun things you can do with

a little imagination and this potty!


Victorian Style







Basin Only










The Classic Bavarian Cuckoo Clock


This is one that many have asked for over the years and I finally gave in. Beautifully detailed and hand carved,it is completely non-working.

It keeps the price down and who really cares anyway.

You'll marvel at the detail.

1 3/4 inches tall and 1 inch wide - only $89 each






1 inch & 2 inch scale Ice Box display case

1850 - 1920 White Clad Ice Box

These two pieces represent one of the most recognizable icons of the past. The perfect reproductions right down to the working hardware and its own block of ice will offer hours of visual pleasure and fond memories. Complete with descriptive background and antiqued solid wood case. Limited to only 5 pieces. As shown - $1,100. 1 inch scale - $425 (without display)2 inch scale $600 (without display)

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