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The Victorian Barber Shop


The barber chair from last year was so special it requested I create an environment that would show it off to it’s best advantage. This was so much fun to design and make from scratch. It's a really cool piece fully equipped with personalized client shaving mugs (by Jane Graber) and even hot towels in a gas fired towel heater. (Doesn't actually work.)


This is a one-of-a-kind piece. The box comes with the chair and is fully electrified (24 volt) with all the "barber" goodies including 12 personalized shaving mugs with brushes. The floor tiles are hand laid individual tiles from England and the wall lamp is battery powered and removable. The exterior is hand rubbed oak veneer with solid oak trim. The puppy is included but unfortunately lost its tail in a train accident.




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The Astronomer by Vermeer


Vermeer's " The Astrologer" 10" x 8-1/2 " x 3"


A premier piece in my line of fine art miniatures.

For all the Vermeer lovers, like me, I have fashioned this one of a kind very special 3-dimensional reproduction of his famous painting "The Astronomer". Forced perspective makes the miniature scene come alive with switchable lighting (24 volt) which perfectly reproduces the atmospheric environment that Vermeer was famous for. A year in the making, every detail is perfectly  rendered. the box is 8" x 11" with an easily removable dust front panel. Contact Ken for pricing and availability at

The Astronomer doll is by well known artisan Fern Vasi.


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The actual painting by Vermeer



The Victorian Barber Chair


OK, this site has the finest and most  authentic Shaker furniture and period accessories for the doll house and miniature collector, but here is my new move into the Victorian world. This authentic barber chair is a delight to behold with customized metal work designed, patterned and cast in high polished white bronze by me and finished in the finest glove leathers. It is a very limited edition of just 5 pieces, signed and numbered. It is priced at $3,200, a bit pricey yes, but it is a seminal example of my 20 years as a miniature artisan and worth every nickle to the discerning collector.





Please contact me directly with purchasing interest at As of this posting the green chair and a black leather chair (not shown) have found homes which leaves the brown and red chairs above and one customizable. Leather samples are provided for customer approval.







The plaques available are :

Living Room - Music Room - Sitting Room - Gentleman's Bedroom - Lady's Bedroom - Front Door - Side Door - Breakfast Room - Garden Room - Dining Room - China Room

Other room names are available at substantial extra cost


Downton Abbey Servants Bell Board




The famous servants bell board from the popular PBS Downton Abby TV series. This is an exact miniature duplicate of the board which no respectable Victorian doll house might do without. The bells are cast and polished brass and the room designations are etched brass plates. The board is cast slate with adhesive backing for hanging. Available in 4, 8 or 12 bell sizes.



12 bells - 3" x 6" - $400



8 bells - 3" x 4" - $325

4 bells - 2" x 2-7/8" - $185






#165 Small Tool Cabinet


This little 21 drawer cabinet will delight almost as piece of functional jewelry as well as a useful catch all for the nuts & bolts and small shop items in any miniature setting. Of course, all drawer work.


Only 3 inches high by 2.3 inches wide by 1 inch deep







Although called a highly refined Accountant's or Bookkeepers desk, it could also be a personal secretary, circa 1850 and onward. Dovetailed joinery sets off the solid structure and the finely tapered legs give it a sense of elegance. The hinged top and drawer open to reveal secrets of the times and owner but when closed it is simply a lovely piece of furniture. Inside 14 cubbyholes offer space for letters and bills or whatever. You can delight filling them up. (Detail items shown inside not included.)



#153 Accountant's Desk

3" wide x 2" deep x 3-1/2" high






                               The Red neck Sports Watching Bench

               Everything your sports minded dolls need to fill a fall afternoon.

                Just a really fun piece for a serious miniature collection. A true

            original in a limited edition of not very many. Completely hand built

         and finished from scratch, including the spring mounted tractor seats.


                                                 Size: 6-1/4 x 4 x 3 inches









The Mid 1800's jeweler or clock makers shop pieces

These two pieces come from an actual clock makers shop in France, circa 1850. The pedal lathe works the nonfunctional lathe and tons of little parts can be stored in the many drawers. The lathe tools are included in the swing doors of the cabinet. All drawers work, of course, and are fully shoulder jointed for maximum strength. It is completely authentic right down to the olde seeded glass in the cabinet. Would also be great

in a doctor or dentists office. Custom variations are also available.


Two pieces as shown  $900


Click here for the dedicated page with full details and ordering information










The Back Country Moonshine Still

This fun little accessory unit won't actually turn out gallons of your favorite hooch, it just looks like it should. Available with or without the stone base as shown.


Base size is 3" x 7"

Unit with base $275



Still without base $245









  The Unique Victorian High Tank Toilet




Alternate uses






Just one example of the kinds of fun things you can do with

a little imagination and this potty!


Victorian Style







Basin Only