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3 great workshops coming up


San Jose, CA

Saturday October 7 - Sunday October 8


Workshop Monday October 9

We will be building from scratch an exact 1/12th scale copy of one of the most often ordered piece in my line.

This is a most unusual piece yet one that almost everyone recognizes as having been in grandma’s kitchen

or back porch. Also sometimes known as a Houser table, this table was a very popular kitchen fixture until

the advent of commercial bakeries. This is a copy of a beautifully functional antique that will bring smiles

to your heart.Its natural pine finish and real metal bins add to the fantasy. Even the drawer handles

are specially cast, made to the original specs. The bins are aged and dented tin and the bread boards

are scarred from decades of use.



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Tucson, AZ

Saturday October 14 -Sunday October 15


Workshop - Friday October 1

This workshop will feature one of the finest pieces of Shaker furniture you will find.

Students will learn creative assembling secrets, hinging secrets and the basis of the renowned

Shaker Works West finishing process as well as many other tricks of the trade. The class should run 8 hours

with a lunch break.

We will be building from scratch an exact 1/12 scale copy of one of the most beautiful Shaker cabinets from

the Groveland, NY Shaker community. The size is: 4-1/4 wide x 1- 3/4 deep x 3- 3/8 high. This is a

most unusual piece that shows the influence of the Empire style and a bit of the French Provincial styles

found on many of the later pieces of Shaker furniture. Built around 1865 by Emmory Brooks, one of the most

famous of the Shaker craftsmen.



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Chicago, IL

The Great Chicago Intermational

Friday April 27 - Sunday April 29


WorkshopWednesday April 25

This really fun piece is typical of many American kitchen sinks around the turn of the century in

areas that had rudimentary indoor plumbing. It has a cast soapstone sink. The pump is hand sculpted

and cast with a course metal finish and looks wonderful. Great in any decor. Many of the primary wood

elements are pre-cut and all assembly is straight forward under instructor supervision. All parts are

included and the student will leave the class with a treasured finished product. The student should be

familiar with using the basic tools of miniature building. No power tools will be used.

Size - 3-3/4 x 4-1/2 (to top of pump) x 2 deep



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