Here is where it all started. My love for the Shaker contributions to the art of furniture

and the concept of simplicity of life, line and form led me into the world of Shakers many

years ago. Below is my most favored and often made room box. I make them to special order

only and this is the basic format around which we can design your custom display. There are

many options and choices available some of which are listed below. Please do not hesitate to

contact me to plan yours.

            BASIC BOX - $2,450

3 walls and hand hewed beam ceiling with plexi dust cover front panel, lightly textured white walls, 6 over 6 windows, all trim. Built in functional

wall storage, peg rails, exterior scenic area outside windows, and aged finished flooring. Additions, layouts and minor changes

generally at no up charge. Hidden ceiling LED soft ambiance general lighting and bright exterior authentic Shaker vikkage sceincs in windows.

Dolls and furnishings are extra.  Exterior finished in smooth Birch ply.  



Change cabinets and drawers to functional storage (all drawers and doors open) $300.

Finished exterior with New England clapboard siding (painted or weathered) and framed windows $275.  

Electrified exterior scenic area outside windows $75.

Electric sconces $45 each

Non-electric sconces $35 each

Furnishings: as listed elsewhere on the Web site

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