Shaker Works West by Ken Byers

Fine Museum Quality Miniatures



Grandma's Attic

  A new version of the sold out and discontinued 2 gable classic.

Now with 3 gables, and a bit larger to fit more of those treasures hidden away in drawers

that you've been looking for just the right environment to display. Comes with 3, 12 volt bare bulbs lights

and the exclusive Shaker Works West lighting control.





Grandma's Attic - Complete with split cedar shingles, hand laid brick work, interior planking,

hand hewn beams and fully aged patina finish copper, stone finished gables and balustrades,

and fully electrified. Also available with real slate roofing.

$1,450 shingled



$1,895 with hand cut slate


Overall size is  22" x 12-1/2 x 13-1/2





                                                   2 Wall School House                                                   

Includes finished flooring, wainscot paneling with chair rails, windows, real blackboards and exterior scenics.

                  Finished version adds 6 school desks, 3 chairs, teachers desk, roll down maps and shades, 1881 globe and dunce stool.


Unfinished as shown - $425   Click here to purchase                            Finished as shown - $1,545  Click here to purchase


            Size: 15 1/2" long x 8"deep x 8 1/2" high

          School Desks - $75 (see full line page) )

Same inclusions as above


                         3 Wall School House                    

                                   Unfinished as shown - $525  Click here to purchase                                           Finished as shown - $1,875 Click here to purchase                                   

Size: 15 1/2" long x 8"deep x 8 1/2" high



Hobby Workshop

Basic room box with solid top. No tools but includes shelves and tool crib on back wall,

fireplace, rustic paneling, window with outdoor scenic, fixed door, beams and basic work bench.


Tools, lighting and other accessories available. See Full Line page.


Size: 15 1/2" long x 8"deep x 8 1/2" high

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